So… what now?


I’m writing this, my first post, on my honeymoon. Admittedly, starting a blog is pretty odd thing to do when you’re off holidaying and celebrating being happily wed and I can’t say what exactly prompted the idea but nevertheless, here we are.

What else might it be worth knowing about me? Well, I’m a career-less thirty-something, I recently withdrew from my Master’s degree in creative writing leaving behind an unfinished (barely even started) memoir and I just got married.

Somewhere around my mid-twenties I wrote (and, most crucially, finished) a novel. Unfortunately, it was terrible which is why it is now buried in the depths of my hard-drive where it will remain until I get drunk enough to find the courage to delete it forever, set fire to my desktop, and bury the charred remains somewhere close to the earth’s core.

Suffice to say, my CV is a mish-mash of abandoned careers ranging from teacher to copywriter. Earlier this year, I veered off the track that was leading me towards a successful sounding editing job – another classic example to add to the list.

I have no idea what I’m doing. This has been the case for many years now. The whole thing started just after I graduated, only back then it was okay for a twenty-something graduate to not have direction.

But now it’s ten years later and much less acceptable to aimlessly float around without purpose.

So this morning, I woke up to the sound of my dogs barking, still reeling from a recurring nightmare about not completing my Master’s degree. I left my new husband asleep in bed and came downstairs to discover that one of my dogs had vomitted all over the kitchen floor and the other dog was eating it.

After cleaning up all the dog sick I poured myself a cup of coffee and thought about my horrible nightmare and about all the things never became, everything I started but never finished.

It seemed very much like it was about time to start something else.

So I decided to do what anyone sliding into an existential crisis in this crazy, over-sharing digital age would do. I decided to start blog.

And here it is.


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